Wine Cellar and Winemaking Processes
Our equipment allows multiple options on red winemaking because it's being done on granite wine press with temperature control and automatic pressing, also stainless steel robotic wine press, stainless steel tanks with pump reassembly and a winemaking prototype, “Ducellier-Isman” with sensors, developed in collaboration with a metalworking company. The acquired knowledge allowed us to identify and use the proper equipment for each kind of variety. In white winemaking, we ,usually, follow the normal open-chute process, in stainless steel tanks with or without fermentation temperature control, accordingly to each wine variety and style desired. Some of the red wines are staged in oak casks or stainless steel tanks with “alternatives” but always with the major concern to avoid that wood notes overcome the fruit ones. As for the white wines, priority is given to the purity of the fruit and the aging in bottle capacity, which becomes higher when the oak casks aren’t used, and so in white wines the usage of oak casks is very rare.
Oenology Team
Jorge Lourenço José Miguel Gomes Virgílio Loureiro / M. Malfeito Ferreira
Vinhas DOC Douro